• Specan - A reboot of the W7ZOI/K7TAU Spectrum Analyzer

  • Balanced Antenna Tuner - A balanced line tuner for open wire feeders and doublet
  • Sweeperino - A simple sweeper/signal generator/power meter for your shack
  • A 25 watt dual-band linear - A simple single ended linear you can build in an evening
  • BITX40 - The Hamfest 2014's kit had a free BITX PCB. These are the details of making it work on 40 meters and the errors on the PCB.
My callsign is VU2ESE and my name is Farhan. On the air, my handle is Ash (as my first name is Ashhar). I love to experiment with Radios.

This blog's intention is to serve as a jotting-pad for some of the things that I built. 
  • These are quick notes with hand drawn circuits that are photographed from my mobile phone's camera. Don't expect very high quality circuit drawings or PCB layouts.
  • The details are skimpy. I decided that it was better to provide brief details of these projects rather than not publish them at all for lack of time to do a more elaborate job.
  • Everything I put on this blog has been build and tried out over a period of time before being put up.

I can't provide support for any of the designs here. Use them as they are, improvise if you will.

Legal stuff

All the circuits on this site are freely copyable. You are free to turn them into kits for pleasure or profit as long as I am not held responsible for their working or non-working. Any work derived from the contents of this blog must be available under similar terms and credit must be give to me.

That said, all the content of this blog are under Creative Commons License.